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How Do I Shop

1. What do I need?

In order to shop at you need to have the following:

  • A credit card (Master/VISA) or an eZ cash account
  •  Access to the Internet
  •  You should be above the age of 18 years

2. How do I shop at

You must become a registered user to order various products listed online at

3. What are the benefits of becoming a registered user?

By becoming a registered user, you save the hassle of entering your delivery or billing details every time you shop. In addition, it helps us to cater to your needs better and introduce loyalty programmes and discounts.

By being a registered user, you gain access to following facilities:

  •  Manage your account with a specific Username and a password*
  • • Maintain your shopping lists (Not available at the moment)
  • • Get entitled for special loyalty schemes
  • • Get to know about special offers on

*It is your sole responsibility to keep your login information confidential

4. How do I place a new order?

There's no need to create an account first. You could automatically allow a creation of an account when you place your first order online.

Follow the following steps to place an order:

  • • Select the items you wish to buy
  • • Add the item/ items to your cart
  • • Order
  • • Sign in/ or sign up
  • • Provide shipping/ delivery information
  • • Proceed for payment
  • • Review your order and delivery charges and update any changes
  • • Proceed to pay
  • • Enter your credit card details on the secure payment gateway
  • • Receive confirmation email on the email address you provided

5. How do I use the Request For Quote (RFQ) form?

For items that do not indicate a price, customers can use the RFQ form to request a proposal and negotiate the price. Once a price is agreed for selected item(s), Sahani Michelle Team will place an order, process it through payments and send an email confirmation.

6. How do I use the Bargain form?

For items that are indicated with a price, customers can use the Bargain form (below the item) to negotiate the price. Once a price is negotiated and agreed, the customer can add the item to the shopping cart.


7. Is it safe to enter my card number online?

You can safely enter your entire credit card number via the Bank's secure server, which encrypts all submitted information. This guarantees your security whilst allowing us a way to track your order.

8. Which credit cards can I use on

  • • Master
  • • Visa

9. Do I get a receipt upon payment and placing an order?

You will get an email confirming that your order has processed and it will contain complete information about the transaction. This is equivalent to a statement.

10. What are the important points to note when shopping?

  • • Before you place the order, check whether all the products you selected are listed in “Your Cart” and whether any entries are duplicated or whether the quantity is correct.
  • • Do not disclose your credit card number anywhere other than in the secure payment gateway.
  • • You are required to read and understand privacy policy and terms and conditions relating to this service prior to use of this service.

11. When can I expect delivery to take place?

All our products are custom made. Hence, a time frame of 4 weeks is necessary to complete an order. 

Items will be delivered within 24 hours where the location of delivery is within Colombo. Please note, delivery may take up to 48 hours where the location of delivery is outstation.

You may specify any special instructions for example, a particular time of delivery, under notes. Special delivery terms where applicable will be highlighted on the Sahani Michelle website.


12. How do I obtain a warranty for the product I ordered?

Most items are covered by standard manufacturer warranty. If the description of the product you ordered stated that a certain warranty period is not applicable, you may contact us to obtain more details.

13. What should I do if the items are not delivered to me within specified time?

Please contact us immediately. Your order may even have been picked up by a family member, building owner, or may be at a reception desk.

14. Why would a package not be delivered?

A package may not have been delivered due to one of the following reasons;

  • • The address was incorrect
  • • The residents refused to accept the package
  • • Delivery service is not available to specified area
  • • Delivery service does not undertake delivery of specified product
  • • Delivery of certain items to certain areas may not be permitted due to existing law prevalent in the country. 


 Note: Please see delivery policy for delivery service related information

15. What are the charges applicable for delivery?

There will be no delivery charge applicable for orders above LKR 2,500. For all other orders, a flat shipping charge of LKR 200 is applicable.

16. How do I deliver a package overseas?

Contact us on with details and we will get back to you with a quote for your order.

17. How do I cancel an order I have placed?

If the product has already reached the delivery process (i.e. the order has been completed and delivery service has picked up the goods) a cancellation cannot be made. However, prior to an order being placed, any item in your bundle of goods can be deleted or modified.

18. How do I return/ refund a purchase that I made?

We do not undertake to return your goods. Contact us for further details.
However, if refunds requested due to non-delivery of goods, refunds may be processed after confirmation of the vendor and delivery service.

19. Whom do I contact on any query?

If you have any further questions about our operations, please feel free to contact us via any of the following means:

Visit Sahani Michelle

(By Appointments Only)

No.5, Esther Place,
Park Road,
Colombo 05
Sri Lanka

M: +94 777 899 113 (Sahani)
T: +94 112 449 078
F: +94 112 391 741